CCA Instructor

Cabin Crew Instructor Training (CCA)

After a few years as a cabin crew member, you now want to expand your skills and diversify your professional career in the airline industry.

By becoming a cabin crew instructor, you will instruct subjects such as safety and emergency procedures, aviation regulations, general aviation knowledge, etc.

Listed below subjects require additional trainings:

– Human factors and crew resource management in aviation

– Dangerous Goods

With this basic training, you will be able to instruct 7 of the 9 CCA program subjects.

Required skills

– Good oral skills

– Active listening, observation skills

– Sense of organization

– Time management

– Empathy

– Desire to transmit and share your aviation experience

– Rigorous and exemplary

– Dynamic and positive


The competency framework for instructors of cabin crew should be based on the following competency units:

a) manage safety of the training environment
b) prepare the training environment
c) manage and support the trainee
d) conduct training
e) perform trainee assessment
f) perform evaluation of the training
g) continuously improve performance

Duration of the training

3 days training for a total of 21 hours, including examination, in a group of 3 to 5 people


The training ends with a final written and oral examination, in which the candidate will have to demonstrate his professional knowledge and his / her ability to teach. The candidate will then be awarded with a Certificate attesting the accomplishment of the training in accordance with Annex Doc 10002 – AN/502 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)