Crew briefing


A short Crew Briefing on the Aviation industry which is full of major airlines recruiting Aircrew.

Air transport

This is why the Professionalisation of a Service-oriented Job in the Aviation Industry and more precisely in the Aviation transportation has become necessary.

Airports are well supplied with ground Agent, Booking Agent and Safety Agent but How to Become a Cabin Crew?

Flight Attendants are part of the Flight Crew and it is more specifically a Cabin Crew.

The prerequisites

First of all, you must have a good physical condition and hold a mandatory Cabin Crew Medical Aptitude to work.

In the same way, physical robustness is essential during a long-haul flight to withstand long flight hours, irregular schedules and reduced rest periods on stopovers.

As in all professions, contracts can also be full-time or alternating.

You also need to have a Good Presentation, of course when walking in the Terminals but especially to Welcome Passengers in the Plane during a Boarding.

For this reason, the uniform is mandatory in all major airlines and courtesy is required, which is often reminded during Crew Briefings.

Therefore, the Hostesses and stewards welcome unaccompanied Children and Passengers with special characteristics or Nervous Passengers, initially accompanied by the Airport staff.

But they also protect the Cockpit during the Opened Doors phase.

Foreign languages

The Crew Member must also have a good knowledge of several languages.

Among the Foreign Languages He must speak A professional aeronautical English but also any other Languages.

Stewardesses and Stewards at American Airlines have a strong advantage with their native language. But other Cabin Crew can improve their English level with Intensive English Courses and Work Experience. The Toeic or other reference exams are often required during Recruitment.

then after Take-off and until the next Landing, the Hostesses and Stewards take care of customer relations and passenger comfort by distributing, among other things, meal trays.

But the main function of the Cabin Crew is to give safety instructions for all Passengers especially during the Turbulences.

They know how to recognize hidden dangerous goods and use safety equipment to fight fire.

But firefighting is not the only unseen function of the cabin crew. He or she is trained to operate in all Dangerous situations involving Passenger Safety or Flight Safety.

The Cabin Crew is also experienced in first aid emergencies and Aero Medical aspects to provide First Aid.

The cabin crew’s work is above all a teamwork that requires training in Human Factors, which is generally provided during initial training.

Salaries often depend on hours worked.

Educational level

The level of education to become a steward or stewardess is at least a Bachelor level but you must also be a European Union citizen to apply for jobs with airlines in the Euro zone such as: Air France, Transavia, HOP, Corsair, Air austral, Air caraïbes, Challair, Europe airpost, Volotea, Tui fly, and so on…

The candidate must be able to swim 50 meter in less than 2 minutes.


On the other hand, the Frenc Civil Aviation National School (Enac) does not provide this education.

Therefore, only a EASA-approved training school, such as Objectif PN, a training organisation for aviation jobs whose facilities are based in Lyon, can provide both theoretical and practical training.

Other training courses such as :

  • Safety training
  • Trainer’s training
  • Additional training courses

Can be provided in these organisations.

Trainers and Instructors teach each candidate with the necessary subjects to present their Theoretical and Practical Examination in the form of MCQ using proven pedagogical methods.

First, Instructor and Trainees usually work together on Pedagogical Reviews before the exams.

On the other hand, the Practical Examination can only be taken in an EASA approved Examination Centre.

There is no Certificate of Training, but an examination wich let you get the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation) that is obtained after completing an approved Training Program.

There many sessions a year that you can enroll.

On the other hand, it is recommended to have a medical check-up before starting the course.

Then comes the time for company recruitment. Many tests are to be taken including psychotechnical tests.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to restrict oneself to Euro Zone airlines only. Airline such as Emirates, Etihad, are regularly recruiting.

The main bases are Dubai for the Emirates but sometimes Paris cdg (Roissy ), Paris orly are possible stopovers in Duty but rarely Le Bourget.

In closing, we hope that this succinct Crew Briefing will stimulate your curiosity.