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April 2022
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We update our planning and dates regularly about our Objectif PN sessions.

This is why you can contact us to have a more precise overview of the following sessions.

Enrolment for a session can only be made after a contact request on the appropriate form on our site.

Examination sessions

Objectif PN keeps the right to modify any session dates due to external events out of its control.

This is because the theoretical training courses are provided in accordance with the DGAC’s examination schedule, that you can find here.

The training sessions for the theoretical test last 5 weeks (137 hours). The whole training is provided in Lyon.

The practical training course will then depend on succeeding in the theoretical examination. We will let you know the dates at the time of the results of the theoretical examination.

The practical courses last approximately 9 days in Lyon (51 hours) plus one training day in real conditions in ESMA’s examination centre in Montpellier.

In any case, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on CCA training with Objectif Pn.

Formation "Instructeur de membre d'équipage de cabine"

Des formations d’instructeurs de membre d’équipage de cabine d’une durée de 3 jours en présentiel sont organisées toute l’année en fonction de la demande. Contactez nous pour plus de renseignements.


You can find more events and information on the news page of this website.

Par exemple, vous pouvez profiter de nos événements pendant les journées de découverte et venir nous rendre visite pour échanger avec nos diplômés.

These meetings will give you a better understanding of the cabin crew profession and the training that you will complete with Objectif PN.

It is important to contact us for an individual interview.

Therefore, we will carry out a personalised analysis about your project’s realisation and the best ways to realise it.

In any case, Objectif PN will be able to advise you efficiently through a detailed analysis of your application.

Your success will become our common goal, from the exam to your integration into an airline.

We would like to remind you that Objectif PN is the only DGAC accredited school that prepares you for the complete CCA ( theoretical and practical) in Lyon.

The facilities are conveniently located and close to all commodities (Metro, restaurant, parking).