Handicap Approach

The Handicap Approach concerns flight crews.

The Handicap Approach and medical fitness are covered by the European “aircrew” regulation.
Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011.

This concerns the medical fitness of aircrew (Part Med).

At the same time, the ORA part concerns aspects relating to certifications, maintenance of validity, etc.

As for the ARA part of the regulation, it concerns :

  • the regulation of medical certificates and forms,
  • implementation of certification and monitoring of medical aspects.
Handicap and Medical approach

In any case, the training is accessible to people with disabilities who have passed their aeromedical aptitude test.

Class 2 aeromedical doctors are authorised to assess :

  • private flight crew (classe 2)
  • cabin crew member (CCA)
  • light aircraft pilot licences.

We advise you to contact a certified medical doctor for more information about your Handicap Approach.

For any further information you can also contact :

The Flight Crew Medical Unit

Concerning the main causes of incapacity and Handicap Approach, we can find :

  • Cardiology.

  • Internal Medicine.

  • Cancerology.

  • Psychiatry.

  • Ophthalmology.

  • ENT

  • Traumatology.

  • Handicap

As a result, there are also decreases in medical skills due to :

  • A surgical operation or invasive procedure.

  • A new medication usage.

  • A serious injury or illness which has resulted in an inability to work as a crew member.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Hospitalization.

  • A Hospital Admission.

  • A need for corrective lenses for the first time.

The above information helps to understand the importance of a good physical condition and the Handicap Approach to work in this profession.

Indeed, the role of a cabin crew member is not only commercial. It is mainly related to the safety function and the ability to assist passengers in case of need.

This can vary from on-board first aid and cardiac massage, for example, or passenger emergency evacuation.

It is therefore evident that, depending on the handicap, the profession will not be available to everyone.

But only a certified doctor can provide an opinion on this subject!