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First, to take advantage of Facebook, it’s best if your posts include links (perfect for sharing your content), in which case they should not exceed 111 characters.

But for the other things, Facebook encourages sobriety in terms of hashtags and emoticons.

By including a question in your publication, it will be more likely to attract the attention of the Internet user, who will feel directly involved in your subject.

Facebook offers the possibility to write publications containing up to 63,206 characters! However, several studies show us that publications limited to a maximum of 80 characters have a higher liability!

While link sharing is a common practice on Facebook. Please note that it is possible to remove the “extendable” link from your publication. Although this does not remove the attachment.


Objectif PN twitter

Twitter is also well suited for sharing links. But the recommended number of characters is again around 100.

This network is however characterized by the importance of the hashtag: it is recommended to include 2 of them per tweet, as well as an emoji.

Keep each Tweet focused on a specific message rather than trying to communicate several things. You can include a link to an article or site even if you have a longer message.


Instagram’s emblem is a camera: no wonder, then, that the image is the most powerful type of post.

However, Instagram offers more margin for text length. Thus, no less than 241 characters, 11 hashtags, and 3 emoticons are recommended.


LinkedIn, the professional social network par excellence but lends itself more to sharing links.

Emoji list

Aim for 149 characters and avoid hashtags and emoticons on this platform.

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