Objectif PN in figures

Number of trainees per courses and instructors

Objectif PN in figures: OPN has trained more than 1600 trainees since its creation!

Consider the number of trainees per course and instructors in recent sessions.


Consider that the instructors all have the same number of trainees, and only the number of hours of instruction differs for each subject.

Objectif PN in figures

First, let’s look at the extract from our procedures manual:

Objectif PN in figures

Our results

This is why Objectif PN has assigned colours to the success rates.






0% to 40%

40% to 80%

80% to 100%

Corrective actions

  • Analysis of results
  • Trainee(s) and instructor(s) debriefing and detection of dysfunctions.
  • Additional training for instructors and trainees
  • Instructors can be changed if necessary
  • Failure management for unsuccessful trainees

In addition, unsuccessful candidates may attend and participate at a lower cost in a later session depending on the number of places available.

Because our goal is above all the success of our trainees, we also monitor the examination presentations of repeat students.

There is also a very active group on social networks that allows us to follow our trainees in their career development.


Drop-out rate: number of drop-outs/number of candidates: 8.4%


Drop-out rate: number of drop-outs/number of candidates: 2.1%

Satisfaction survey

OPN satisfaction rate

Finally 16% of the candidates are 100% satisfied and 89% of the candidates are above 80%.

Objectif PN in figures, Qualiopi, and success

As our training organisation is Qualiopi certified, Objectif PN provides objectively controlled results.

Indeed, the regulation requires that the published indicators are publicly available and therefore appropriate to the nature of the services provided and the target audience.

Therefore, the information should be quantified and relate to the level of performance as well as the achievement of the service.

Moreover, the verification is carried out by sampling over the whole period.

As a result, the results obtained can be visualised more effectively.


Objectif PN has been teaching since 2002, which is why we are proud to have been Qualiopi certified since the implementation of this new control system.

In addition, the last audit in 2021 revealed an exemplary mode of operation and a high degree of seriousness as a training organisation.

Clearly, process excellence and improvement is a priority component in the operation of Objectif PN.

Moreover, our DGAC approval (FFR.CCA.14)and the associated audits reinforce the recognition of our seriousness and the exemplary nature of our organisation.

Objectif PN is above all a school on a human scale. Therefore, we value quality over quantity and take great care of each of our trainees. Each of our trainees thus becomes a unique part of our follow-up.

This is why you can trust us and choose us without hesitation for your CCA training.